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About The Sundance Drive-In


Originally named the Parkside Drive-In, the drive-in began operation on April 27, 1949.  The Parkside Drive-In was  aptly named for being located to the side of Pearson Metropark on Route 2, and was the  4th of 8 drive-ins eventually built in Northwest Ohio between 1941 and 1955.  The Toledo Drive-Ins included: Lake Erie/Maumee  (1941), Telegraph (1946), Toledo/Franklin Park (1946), Parkside/Sundance Kid (1948), East Side/Woodville/Butch Cassidy (1949), Jesse James (1953), Miracle Mile (1954), and the Star-Lite (1955).     As indoor cinemas became the norm and the population of Northwest Ohio began to sprawl outward, the Toledo Drive-Ins began closing starting with the Star-Lite Drive-In located on Monroe Street in Sylvania in 1969, and the majority of drive-ins closing in the 1980s.  


The Parkside Drive-In originally  operated as a single-screen facility until 1979 when the second screen was added.  In 1987, the Parkside Drive-In was renamed the Sundance Kid Drive-In after Great Eastern Theatres took over management of the drive-in, and now more recently, we just refer to her as, The Sundance.

Throughout her history, the Parkside a.k.a. The Sundance has always been family-owned and operated.  Over the many years in operation, the drive-in has  been partially renovated, with new box offices and marquee in 2001, and the main screen was replaced in 2014 after being destroyed by inclement weather in November 2013.

The Sundance currently boasts two screens with space for over 1,000 cars, a full-service Concession Stand serving  must-haves such as popcorn, pizza, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, and candy; and the Sugar Shack offering summertime sweets including funnel cakes, mini-donuts, cotton candy, shaved ice, and lemon shake-ups. 

The 2022 season marks the drive-in's 73rd year in operation.  However, the land The Sundance sits on is currently for sale, and the drive-in is in the final year of a long-term, non-renewable land lease. And, even though this season could likely mean the end of an era, we don't plan to just let her fade off into the sunset.  We've got plans to celebrate The Sundance all season long and we hope to see your family during our celebration, taking  part in a  classic experience one last time.

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4500 Navarre Avenue
Oregon, OH 43616
(419) 691-9668